Support For Browsers

Computers and devices don’t come installed with everything you need straight out of the box. You’ll need to buy and install programs and apps to do things like edit photos, watch videos, and play games. If you want to use a printer, you’ll need to install drivers that let the printer and computer communicate. There’s a lot of choice about what to install on your computer, but not every option will be compatible with your system.

If you feel overwhelmed with trying to install something new on your computer, call Remotemen. Our Technology Advisors guide you through the process or even install programs for you. Our Setup & Installation service covers every sort of new software or hardware need:

  • Setup and Install New Programs:
  • Once you’ve purchased a new program, we’ll make sure it’s installed correctly in a location on your computer where you can easily find it. If you’d like a shortcut on your desktop, we can make one. We’ll also set up printers and other peripheral devices.

  • Data Backup and Migration:
  • If you’re upgrading to a new operating system, we can transfer your files and settings so you don’t lose anything. We’ll also help get that new OS installed properly and make sure everything’s working before we move your files back.

  • Configuring System and Program Settings:
  • Your operating system and many of its programs can be adjusted to fit your needs, and we’ll show you how. Once your settings are in place, you’ll enjoy your favorite programs and apps even more!

  • Compatibility Checks:
  • We’ll compare your system’s capabilities to the program’s requirements and find the best fit, or tell you about any computer upgrades you may need. We can install the latest versions or find the one that performs best on your device.