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Email Marketing

Increase your sales by sending emails.

Need of Email Marketing

We live in the era of digitalization and fast paced lifestyle of people. Nobody wants to be second to anyone. Mostly every industry provides products through online basis. But the questions we all face is how to promote a product or numerous products and provide customers with the details about the products as well as special discounts on certain products. There are multiple ways to share these details like- Email Marketing, Social Media, Google Ads etc.


What Is Email Marketing ?

In general, promoting a product by the means of emails and building healthy relationships with customers in the process is called Email Marketing.

How Does It Works- (It’s Easy)

It's anything but difficult to set up and track an email promoting effort, which makes it open for independent companies. You can include a pamphlet join alternative to your site, for example. As individuals join, you can send pamphlets to a developing crowd. You can likewise guide clients to the bulletin from your online media profiles. Email advertising permits you to target specific gatherings of clients or even explicit people. Offering singular clients extraordinary birthday bargains on product or administrations is one approach to do this. A café, for example, may send an email to clients on their birthday celebrations offering half off a course. This sort of personalization enables a business to create and keep up a relationship with a client—and that can prompt expanded deals and client reliability.

Make excellent missions

Effectively make exceptionally captivating email crusades with our simplified developer. Not the imaginative sort? You can pick a responsive layout among our rich library of formats with demonstrated outcomes.

Continually improve your outcomes by A/B testing your headlines. Get hard information to drive your choices, and reliably improve, each email crusade in turn.

Send Time Optimization

Not certain what is the best time at which you ought to send your email crusades? Let our calculations make sense of it for you. Kick back and appreciate 5 to 15% expansion in open rates

Progressed reports

How might you advance something you can't gauge? With Remotemen, appreciate heat guides to know absolutely where your contacts click, geographic detailing, know precisely what contacts opened, clicked or interfaced with your messages.

Greeting pages

Develop your rundown of contacts, or set up extraordinary showcasing activities in minutes with our simplified greeting page manager straightforwardly associated with your Remotemen account.

Boundless contacts

Utilize our amazing division device, while getting a charge out of boundless contacts. Incorporate restrictive rationale to customize your correspondence and improve your reactivity rates.

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